The best thing to come out of the world cup

World Cup ball trophy


I’m typing this at the same time as watching Holland Vs Argentina. It’s 64 minutes in and I’m hoping that Messi will do something cool soon. (Update: turns out he didn’t)

And since it’s the end of the semi finals, I guess we can start reflecting on how good Rio 2014 has been.

There are certainly some moments that stick out above others… The rise of James Rodriquez, that Van Persie diving header as Holland trashed Spain, the sinking of Suarez’s teeth into that Italian defender and of course the crying Brazilians…


Imagine how she looked after the seventh goal...

Imagine how she looked after the seventh goal…


But none of this stuff is the best thing to come out of the world cup. Because none of it is as good as that vanishing spray the referees use…


You must obey the foamy white line

You must obey the foamy white line… even if it does get all over your shoes


This non-toxic, non-staining, safe-for-grass spray is actually incredible!

Probably the best thing about it is how much the players respect it. Before they would creep forward towards the free-kick taker – trying to gain an advantage. But now they tremble in fear at the thought of crossing the white line.

And a minute after the free-kick, the line is just gone. It’s magic… or science… or a special combination of the two.

But in even better news, it turns out you can buy this spray yourself… for £6.99 per can. (Click here to see for yourself)

And there’s a whole host of things you could use it for – it’s a waste if you just save it for the football pitch.

These include, but are not limited too:

  • Enforce personal space boundaries for those friends that stand too close.
  • Add even more structure to your queueing experiences
  • Graffiti stuff – like a temporary badass
  • Write your name on your lawn
  • Become Santa clause for a minute
  • Make yourself a foamy scarf to add pizazz to your outfit

I’m sure you can think of loads more… I’d be interested to hear.

But I think everyone should join me in buying a can of this and seeing what happens. It could be magical.