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The best reason to not ride a cow

Whenever I see a situation like the above, it leads me to believe that in a time of dire need, I could definitely ride a cow. Like if some weird criminal held me… Continue reading

The best way to cheer yourself up after a bad day, with minimal effort

  If I walk out of work like I normally do, I see something like that picture above: concrete and cars… brown and grey. If it’s been a bad day, which sometimes it… Continue reading

The best way to make anywhere more exciting

Have you been wondering how to make your house more exciting? Perhaps your shop could do with a spruce up? Something lacking from that theme park of yours? What you need is a… Continue reading

The best reason to break the Attenborough rule… sorry David

David Attenborough is famous for many reasons. He’s excellent at narrating stuff – mostly wildlife but also curling. He’s brothers with Santa Claus and he’s won Baftas for all the forms of television… Continue reading

The best way to stop all this flooding

In the UK all the news is about the weather. If we’re being more specific, it’s about the rain. And if we delve into even deeper realms of specificity – it’s about the… Continue reading

The best way to deal with danger

We all have defence mechanisms. Sometimes I just shut up and take whatever is thrown at me and other times I go on the attack. But whatever I do it’s usually because I… Continue reading

The best human-animal hug

I’ve been watching the odd bit of I’m a celebrity get me out of here this year and actually it’s been quite good. I’m surprised by that because I’ve ignored it for years… Continue reading

Jon’s best sequel to Forrest Gump

  This is so good. It’s so good it blew up my mind and took the earth with it.┬áIt froze oceans, it levelled mountains – despite all that it fixed global warming. It’s… Continue reading