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The best thing which has happened to me recently

There’s a lot of change going on in my life at the moment. I’ll be leaving my first job today and I’ll be moving much further north in the coming months. I’ve got… Continue reading

The best type of problem solver – quick or competent?

  Usually there are only 2 ways of fixing a problem – solve it quickly or solve it competently. The above picture shows a classic ‘solve it quickly’ mentality. No time for a… Continue reading

The best way to deal with airport security gloom

I’m a serial bleeper. Every time I go through those devious archways of death, I get bleeped. And we all know what follows that… a good old fashioned frisking. I imagine lonely people… Continue reading

The best twitter poet is a robot

Do you know about iambs? You’ve probably heard the term iambic pentameter and what that really means is five iambs in a row… it’s a poetry thing. An iamb is a pairing of… Continue reading

The best coping strategy for an all too distant pay day

Spring has just arrived but my money has not. I just spent my last pound coin. I bought a paper and some maltesers – it was totally worth it. But now there is… Continue reading

The best way to get people to understand you

Feelings are complicated things. People ask “How are you?” and most of the time they expect an answer in less than a sentence-worth of dialogue. But you might be feeling a whole manner… Continue reading

The best way to be happy – a victory based theory

Everyone wants to be happy I think. Even if they keep that a secret they still want it. People chase happiness like it was a greased-up piglet that’s just eaten a precious jewel.… Continue reading