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The best Norwegian word

When Norwegians translate the English word ‘bump’ in certain phrases, they say ‘dump’ instead – that’s just what you do in Norway. It’s not quite a direct translation, that works for every kind… Continue reading

The best username that you can’t have

One of my biggest issues with the online world comes when I’m asked to give a username for something. Like if I join a forum about lizards, one of the first things they ask me… Continue reading

Jon’s best place to put your emotions online

If you have emotions, which a lot of us do, you occasionally want to put them somewhere. Often you might give them to a friend or leave them in a journal. But problems… Continue reading

Jon’s best underpants drink from Hong Kong

If you ever have to entertain a bunch of kids on stage, then the underpants brew is a great option for you. All you need to do is fill a tea pot with… Continue reading

Jon’s best ‘news’ article

When nothing interesting happens in the world, the news must go on. That’s a rule of life. Some articles are written because something noteworthy has happened or someone’s got an opinion. Others are… Continue reading