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The best show to watch to remind you that life is good

Sometimes life is pretty bad. Like maybe you saw a dead duck and that made you sad. Or maybe you didn’t see a dead duck but your life feels like the metaphorical equivalent… Continue reading

The best way to go on an emotional rollercoaster

I’m so happy! I’m so angry! How could they do that?! I’m so glad they chose that?! Wait? What?! Noooooooooooo. Yaaaaaay! If you were wondering what just happened, it’s a representation of all… Continue reading

The best thing which has happened to me recently

There’s a lot of change going on in my life at the moment. I’ll be leaving my first job today and I’ll be moving much further north in the coming months. I’ve got… Continue reading

The best way to look at inventing

I’ve always liked the idea of being an inventor. Not the traditional crazy one with white hair in all different directions, but just someone who creates things. I think we’re made to create.… Continue reading

The best way to freak out a Breaking Bad fan

Breaking Bad is a huge show. It seems to be the benchmark for which to judge the quality of other shows. ‘The next Breaking Bad’ is a massive compliment now; we’ve graduated from… Continue reading

The best way to deal with 1-dimensional characters

Parks and Recreation is a great show. If you haven’t already seen it then you definitely need to check it out. It’s a bit like The Office but much less awkward and more… Continue reading

The best way to recognise when you’re addicted to a TV show

Nowadays everyone seems to be binge TV watching. We’ve got Netflix, Lovefilm Instant, 4oD, iPlayer and a whole host of other legal and illegal websites which allow you to stream entire TV series.… Continue reading

The best way to create new Doctor Who villains

What is that thing? That might be a question you have right now. Well let me tell you, that is the most fearsome Kandyman. He kills people by making sweets too delicious for… Continue reading

The best TV to watch when there’s nothing on

There are times in my life where I want to do nothing else but sit in front of the TV and stare. It does mean your life can be boring if you watch… Continue reading

The best TV audio description

Over a year ago I bought a TV. It was initially a real hassle. Firstly, because I decided I would get my bartering hat on and, secondly, because the fifty aerial plugs in… Continue reading