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The best way to tell if you’re wearing something fashionable and/or fancy

Everybody has their own fashion, even those people who say they don’t care or don’t have one, they’re lying. I bet if you provided them with this little gem then they would decline… Continue reading

The best reason to believe A) in magic OR B) I’m an idiot

Conspiracy theories are always high risk. Either what you believe is true, or actually you’re a bit of an idiot. And in this case, by idiot I mean someone who is very wrong… Continue reading

The vest quote

Sometimes I have to clap at my own cleverness. You see, best and vest are two words that rhyme. So instead of titling this post “The best vest quote” I shortened it. Like.… Continue reading

The best from a quick shopping trip in New Zealand

The two dollar store in new zealand is a wonderful thing. But don’t just take my word for it; let me show you some of the wonders I found… The key thing to… Continue reading

The best reason to not buy a super-flash, male wedding ring

  Let me start by saying that I know very little about lady wedding rings. I know that some look very similar to man ones while others are much more sparkly than you… Continue reading

The best thing to say in defence of photoshopped beauty

We’ve all seen how celebrities and models get photoshopped in magazines. We’ve all heard how this creates an unattainable standard of beauty for those of us who live outside of magazines. But let’s… Continue reading

The best supermarket takeover

There comes a time in every store’s life when they try and push the boundaries of fashion. You never know when it’s going to strike but it’ll definitely come. It doesn’t have to… Continue reading

The best Picasso prediction

Art is a fickle business. What constitutes ‘good’ art for one person may be an abomination for another. Modern art, in particular, has often been called ‘stupid’, ‘pointless’ and ‘something a 10 year… Continue reading

Steve’s best photo I’ve ever taken

I’m definitely glad Jon took fashion week because I don’t think I would have had a keen enough eye to spot the new trends – particularly the statement jumpers – and I think… Continue reading

Jon’s best trend from London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is happening right now. In fact it’s almost over. Steve, our London Fashion Correspondent, decided to pass on the opportunity to comment, but I have bravely stepped up. Because how… Continue reading