The best thing Wales could make when asked to bake a cake


Why did they give me such a big plate?

At 1cm thick, the Welsh cake is not really living up to true cake proportions.

It also tastes like a scone… A squished scone.

But be careful before you mock, because actually it is pretty tasty… and it only cost 60p…

And if you think about it, what does an English cake look like? We don’t even have a national identity in the baked goods department.

Are there any other national cakes in existence? An Icelandic cake? A Peruvianian cake maybe?

Maybe the Welsh cake is actually the best national cake.

All I know is that I really quite like squished scones.

Also… I found a whole new set of symbols on my phone keyboard. ☆□♤♡ •●•  °▪° ●□● 《°●°》 ¿