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The best city photography project

There’s a man in New York. He takes photographs. But he doesn’t take photographs of the many buildings, monuments or scenery in New York, he focuses on what really matters, the people. Brandon… Continue reading

The best way to feel like an irresponsible adult

This past week I went to Austria on holiday to fall down. Granted there was a bit of skiing in between but ‘stacking it’ was my primary mode of transport.   Throughout the… Continue reading

The best supplies for a holiday

Next week I plan to go skiing in Austria and I’m mega excited. It’s my first time skiing and everyone I know has told me how much fun it is so my hopes are… Continue reading

The best reason to store your raspberry jam and your cranberry sauce in separate places

I’ll be honest with you – sometimes I can be a bit of an idiot. I’ve already told you about the time I accidentally flung my shoe over a row of trees and… Continue reading

The best petition you could sign for a very long time

There are many injustices in this world which we like to respond to by creating and signing petitions. Have you ever half-heartedly put your name down whilst not really paying attention to what it… Continue reading

The best street in Amsterdam

Sometimes when I need inspiration for a blog, I look through my old photos to see if anything strikes me. More often than not there’s nothing there, I don’t really take pictures much.… Continue reading

The best reason to not ride a cow

Whenever I see a situation like the above, it leads me to believe that in a time of dire need, I could definitely ride a cow. Like if some weird criminal held me… Continue reading

The best thing to do with signs

Signs are there to be useful. They help us get from A to B and us know we’re in the right place. They give guidance when needed. However, they can become a bit too… Continue reading

The best thing to do in Amsterdam

Over Christmas I went on a family holiday to Amsterdam with its canals, history and lots of legal things. There are many activities you can do in Amsterdam, but one which you can… Continue reading

The best picture on a coin

In Britain we’re very used to seeing the Queen showing her face. She’s on our coins, our stamps, our bank notes and our TVs, essentially anything which can be used as legal tender. Apparently,… Continue reading