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The best way to pretend you watched the Superbowl

The Superbowl isn’t that big in the UK. Not many people follow American football here and it doesn’t start until 11:30pm meaning that it doesn’t finish until gone 3am, so those people with jobs… Continue reading

The best thing to remember when deciding who is better – Messi or Ronaldo

  There are two footballers who are footballing way better than other footballers right now. How’s that for an opening sentence? They go by the names of Lionel and Cristiano, Messi and Ronaldo.… Continue reading

The best alternative holiday experience

The internet, and therefore the world, is full of weary travelers who are more than happy to share their adventures with us. They tell us stories about bangles and bush fires, shell-picking and sheep testicles.… Continue reading

The 5 best reasons to actually support England this world cup

It’s easy to be negative – especially about the state of English football. But this blog is mostly about being positive – and today is the first day of the world cup. So here… Continue reading

The 2 best problems with being really good at jump rope

Americans have got it right. Sure they spell words differently and embarrass a lot of British people with their enthusiasm and their direct questions. But really they’ve got it all figured out… especially… Continue reading

The best reason to love/hate sport

Something amazing happened yesterday. And it involves sport. Canada was playing the USA in the Olympic ice hockey final and were trailing 0-2 with 4 minutes left. The USA had been a strong… Continue reading

The best way to jump over someone’s head

This post is short but excellent – like a baby monkey. The best way to jump over someone’s head is to do so accidentally and without really noticing. This happens in the following… Continue reading