The best reason to dance, especially if you hate dancing

Can you spot the safety dance?

Can you spot the safety dance?

Steve has already told you the best way to dance and it’s absolutely true. Now let me tell you the best reason to dance… it’s like a sequel of sorts to yesterday’s post.

As a younger, teenage-type person, I would never dance. I thought it was a weird social phenomenon and I took a silent protest at any wedding or party I went to. I was the one sat in the corner of the room, trying not to look miserable – but failing pretty hard.

“I just don’t understand it.” I would say. “Why is it fun?” My friends would debate with me in their breaks between busting some formidable moves.

I think I was at an age where I was all for doing random things, but not if everyone else was doing them also. I wanted to be different and dancing felt like I was in some weird cult.

The truth is I still don’t really like the actual dancing bit very much and I certainly don’t understand it.

But sitting in the corner, with the other non-dancers taught me something

The only thing worse than dancing at a party is not dancing at a party.


You just have to sit with other awkward people and complain about how dancing is ruining your life. It’s dull and you feel bad. You end up talking solely about the thing you’re trying to avoid.


But now when the music plays I just get up and flail some limbs about and although it’s a bit weird, I have more fun than I used to. I never have to debate the merits of social dancing… I just do it and then get on with my life.

And my memories of the night are always way better because I don’t feel like I missed out.


But none of that is the best reason to dance… because that is something completely different.

The best reason to shake yo’ thing is that, if you don’t, this guy won’t be your friend any more.

…and that would be a truly terrible thing.



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How great is this photo that Steve found yesterday? …so great.