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The best way to cut a cherry tomato

If you don’t have any tomato-cutting rules, you are probably making sad salad. I used to make sad salad too. But at Christmas, my brother taught me a tomato-cutting rule that gives you… Continue reading

The best ice cream moment

  A best thing happened to me on Tuesday night. It wasn’t on purpose, but it was incredible. It was an ice cream moment of the best kind. Much better than that time… Continue reading

The best thing to do when confronted with veganism

  I used to have a vegan flatmate. That was a weird time for me. She loved baking and devoted many hours and plenty of money to make delicious treats. Only the treats… Continue reading

The best thing to buy from far eastern supermarkets

In most cities there seems to be a Far East supermarket or store which sells an array of exotic items. Some of the items are wonderfully different, things you would never consider buying… Continue reading

The best packed-lunch advice

When I started high school I had just moved from Berkshire to Yorkshire. This is like moving from Chicago to a community of blob sculpins under the sea. What I mean is that people… Continue reading

Steve’s best way to have a stressful meal in Paris

Welcome to Le Refuge des Fondus – the most ridiculous restaurant you will go to in a long time. On a recent trip to Paris my friends and I made our way to… Continue reading

Jon’s best taste to blow your mind

When a company like trees can’t dance goes out of business (which it now has), their old stock hangs around in shops like expensive little ghosts. But never have these ghosts been more… Continue reading

Steve’s best product from Sainsbury’s

Calling all of those people out there who are too pretentious to buy ready-made guacamole, Sainsbury’s has got something for you. Are you disgusted by the idea of guacamole in a squeezy bottle?… Continue reading

Steve’s best (coolest) Montenegrin name

As most people will be aware of, Coca-Cola recently started a marketing campaign where they put names on bottles, primarily, I think, to make people feel awkward when purchasing a Coke with someone… Continue reading

Steve’s best thing which is kind of like a doughnut but not

Introducing one of the best – no THE best (to be fair that is the point of this blog) – thing which is kind of like a doughnut but not…the Quarkini! This ball… Continue reading