The best place to sit on a train

best place to sit

Let’s all be honest about this: trains can be terrible things.

I always end up sitting in British Third Class which happens when I’m not organised enough to book an advanced ticket with a seat number. The train is super busy and I end up sitting on the floor next to the luggage and the bikes.

I guess I’m not very good at trains.

Other train based problems include: people playing music on their phones, angry people, hen parties trying to have ‘fun’, expensive food, and, of course… delays.

And all this for the price of a small diamond, or half a PS4…

But all these problems can be negated by sitting in the best seat on a train.

When you get this glorious position, everything is right with the world. The sun shines, the birds sing beautiful songs to you… life is good. And where is this wonderful seat?

Well it’s right at the front, of course…


bad handwriting

I should really work on my computer handwriting… poor form.


For some glorious reason, on the Newcastle metro you are allowed to sit right at the front – just next to the driver who has his own little box. There are a few others who love to take the front seat of the train but most people avoid it because it isn’t near the doors… fools!

It’s the best seat in the whole train because it feels like you’re in control. You are pretty much the driver of the train… apart from the actual doing things part.


This is me driving over a bridge in my train

This is me driving over a bridge in my train


This is me deciding which tunnel we should go in

This is me deciding which tunnel we should go in


...and this is me picking up my blurry passengers... in my train.

…and this is me picking up my blurry passengers… in my train.


My wife often mocks me for taking blurry pictures while on various forms of transport… but actually it’s one of my favourite past times.

It’s photography with added risk.


P.S.  Did anyone else hear that quote from David Cameron where he said the Queen purred with delight about Scotland staying in the UK? Really weird thing to say, Cameron… unless the Queen is actually a cat in some sort of disguise, which sort of makes sense to me.


She looks very comforable with all that fur...

She looks very comfortable with all that fur…