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Steve’s best girlfriend

In the early days of this┬áblog, we used to include our names in the titles. So if I liked a certain artichoke and wanted to blog about it, I would title the post… Continue reading

The 3 best reasons to not look at anyone ever

As a married person, I’m a little out of touch with the dating world. I like it that way. But here at Best Things we offer a service – we find you best… Continue reading

The best way to get a kiss from the Queen

A kiss from the Queen of England probably has magical properties. I imagine the benefits of receiving such a thing include, but are not limited to, all illnesses healed, super speed, extreme patriotism… Continue reading

The best way to pick the perfect partner

Fairytales from the brothers Grimm are full of useful messages. Cinderella taught us the value of having a very specific shoe size while Rapunzel showed that keeping your hair in good condition is… Continue reading

Jon’s 9 best ways to make your man love you

Men are dogs, right? Some angry people say that.┬áBut I think far more people believe and act like the reverse is sort of true… Dogs are a lot like men. Both groups like… Continue reading

Jon’s best wedding ring alternative

Once in a while people get married and they wear rings to let people know about it. Really we’re fortunate because the convention could have been to get a tattoo like this. Fortunately… Continue reading

Jon’s 15 best ways to make your woman love you

Some people think that dogs and cats are the male and female of the same species. Although these people aren’t even nearly correct, it got me thinking that the way to a woman’s… Continue reading

Jon’s best way to impress a woman

If there were ever two people in the history of the world that knew how to truly make women swoon, it would be Lord Byron and Kanye. That’s obvious. You were all thinking… Continue reading