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The best goal this year

Football is a big sport. Like mega big. This year we had the World Cup which is also pretty big. As a part of the world cup, there were a lot of goals,… Continue reading

The best thing to come out of the world cup

  I’m typing this at the same time as watching Holland Vs Argentina. It’s 64 minutes in and I’m hoping that Messi will do something cool soon. (Update: turns out he didn’t) And… Continue reading

The best way to get a kiss from the Queen

A kiss from the Queen of England probably has magical properties. I imagine the benefits of receiving such a thing include, but are not limited to, all illnesses healed, super speed, extreme patriotism… Continue reading

The 2 best letters in the world cup Google Doodle

I’ve really been enjoying the world cup Google doodles. But it’s fair to say that not all of the letters in google have been created equally. The first three are alright – nothing… Continue reading

The 5 best reasons to actually support England this world cup

It’s easy to be negative – especially about the state of English football. But this blog is mostly about┬ábeing positive – and today is the first day of the world cup. So here… Continue reading

The best football teams to support at the world cup

I’m enjoying winter today. Maybe it’s because it’s double-post Friday or maybe it’s because there’s no wind chill. Whatever it is, the fresh air tastes good. On my lunch break, I walked across… Continue reading