The best website to vote for this election

When deciding who to vote for this Thursday, you could choose the party whose policies best tickle your principles. You could vote for the party leader that you find most inspirational. Or you might want to think more locally and vote for the best leaflet that was dropped through your letter box.

But this isn’t like voting 10 years ago, because now the internet is injected into our hourly routines. Maybe we need a more modern way to decide between parties.

So, here’s your guide to voting based on which party has the best website…

Conservative ★★★

Do you like things that are really very blue? If so... vote conservative.

Do you like things that are really very blue? If so… vote conservative.

The conservative website is really not so bad. But it is overwhelmingly blue. It makes me feel like David Cameron is some sort of mythical sea creature. Maybe if our eyes see enough of a colour then we will automatically vote for the associated party…

Liberal Democrats ★★

liberal democrats

They’ve gone very big on the NHS. I can’t fault the design too much here – a large central image and nothing feels overcrowded. Though that top banner does look like a urine colour chart you would use to check your hydration levels.

What I can fault is that hospitals bum me out a bit – so this website makes me feel like I’m dying. Sorry Lib Dems, if you’d chosen a different picture, you might have won my vote.

Labour ★★★★★



The Labour website is super fancy. I like it. They have moving images, good photography, and crucially it feels modern… relevant even.

I think Labour wins the website game. But forget that for now and instead think about…

UKIP ★★★


UKIP’s website looks like they’ve done a decent job on a limited budget… nothing too impressive but it’s not awful either. It’s quite military focussed in that video and the purple isn’t wonderful but it’s probably a steady average overall.

Though as I’ve said before, their logo looks like poundworld.

Green Party ★★★★

green party

What a happy little website. As you can see it has been a while since I took that screenshot… it’s a nice design though. And the green doesn’t feel like too much somehow. I like this a lot. I checked today and the main picture is now a lot more boring. It’s still a nice website though.

So there you go… vote labour I guess, or maybe green… or maybe you could vote based on more traditional logic.

It’s up to you really.