The best way to pack


Summer has finally arrived, schools will break up soon and many of us will be going on our long awaited holidays. Because I suffer from unoriginality, I’m following in Jon’s footsteps and going away to Barcelona on Monday.

But one big and daunting task still faces me…packing. So, as I’m sure I’m not alone in my holidaying, I thought others may find a packing guide useful to understand the best way to pack as tried and tested by myself over many years.

Thankfully, my guide comes in several handy stages.

Stage 1: Don’t worry about it


Your holiday is ages away, packing will take care of itself! You don’t need to worry. Just remember, all you need is your wallet, keys, phone, tickets and passport; all else can be bought. It’s not that much after all. You’ll be fine.

Stage 2: False Battle stations


“Today I intend to pack” is what you tell yourself. You’ve set aside a happy chunk of time to make sure everything is sorted but something else has caught your attention. Maybe the football is on or your child is throwing rocks at a hornet’s nest, needless to say you’ve been distracted.

That’s OK though because you still have plenty of time.

Stage 3: Panic

Panic dog

It suddenly dawns on you how little time you have left before you leave. All those miniature bottles you were thinking of using for your liquids haven’t been purchased and you still haven’t printed out your boarding passes.

“Wait a minute…is my passport even in date?!” is a question you’ll ask yourself. Turns out it is but that didn’t stop your heart from sinking.

You spend more time fretting and saying “oh no I haven’t packed yet” than you actually do packing. Panic is not the best state to pack in.

Stage 4: Get the job done

After weeks, days, hours of putting off your packing you finally begin. And, as it turns out, it’s really not that painful. It’s quite straightforward. All you need is some clothes, your chargers and your adapters and Bob’s your uncle. Sorted.

Stage 5: The cram

luggage full and ready to travel

Because Ryanair suckered you in with their cheap flights, you haven’t purchased a hold bag which means that ‘hand luggage’ suddenly takes on a whole different meaning. Gone are the days of a small rucksack with a drink, some in-flight snacks and a magazine; say hello to the ridiculousness of stuffing your life into a suitcase masquerading as something smaller. It’s crazy.

You fight with zips. Break some zips. Sit on your ‘hand luggage’. Shout. Ask a friend if they have space. Repeat.

Stage 6: Stand back and admire your work

Sonic thumbs up

It’s done! You’ve packed! Good job!

Stage 7: “Oh wait…is that my towel?!”


This happens to the best of us and can be absolutely crushing. Towels take up too much space and are always forgotten. It looks like you’ll have to remove the 3rd Hawaiian shirt and ‘the 2nd cram’ is imminent. It was all looking so rosy…

Stage 8: Unpack and re-pack because you’ve buried your passport and tickets

Of course they were the first thing you packed, you didn’t want to forget them after all. But, given that they are the thing you will need most and the soonest, you should probably bring them to the front of your case.

Stage 9: Ask a friend if there is anything you’ve forgotten

Talking with friend

No-one ever EVER has anything helpful to say here. They say the obvious things you’ve packed. Of course you’ve got underwear and t-shirts!

“Wait a minute, what was that? Socks! Oh yeah, those would be helpful…thanks”

Stage 10: Finish

Now you’re actually done.

Stage 11: Panic stations

Have you definitely got your passport and tickets?! Yes, of course you have! You packed them twice remember.

Stage 12: Enjoy your holiday

Hot dog legs

Packing is just the pre-cursor to fun. Remember that.

Besides, even after all of that, you’ve probably forgotten your toothbrush…


Happy double post Friday everyone! That’s it from me for a week. Jon’s capable hands will get you through though. I think you’ll be OK.