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The best from a quick shopping trip in New Zealand

The two dollar store in new zealand is a wonderful thing. But don’t just take my word for it; let me show you some of the wonders I found… The key thing to… Continue reading

The best thing about aggressive advertising campaigns

I often figureĀ out exactly what I want, right after I’ve chosen something completely different. I think we’ve allĀ done that before. This condition can be pretty minor if you’re at a restaurant and pretty… Continue reading

The best marketeers – most of the time

I really like the way Sainsbury’s pitch their basics range. They’re pretty honest about it. Those cheesy singles above are actually about 11% cheese and instead of leaving that as a dirty secret… Continue reading

The best Facebook ad to never click on

I don’t normally pay much attention to Facebook adverts. They’re in my peripheral vision – which is a place I never really venture to. Sometimes they pop up on my main feed with… Continue reading

The best secret penguin

Show me the best secret penguin! It’s a command that you readers have been giving us for a long time. Yearning for it like a monkey trying to climb a tree that’s outside… Continue reading

The best way to become a superhero without trying too hard

You know what I like? Superheroes. You know what I don’t like? Having to try really hard for things I only care a little bit about. You know the feeling. You care enough… Continue reading

Jon’s best way to sell Pumpernickel

Yes ladies and gentlemen, a picture says it all. If you buy pumpernickel, you will be happy, attractive and successful in love. Why? Because its pumpernickel of course, statistically the most romantic food.… Continue reading