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The best way to feel like an irresponsible adult

This past week I went to Austria on holiday to fall down. Granted there was a bit of skiing in between but ‘stacking it’ was my primary mode of transport.   Throughout the… Continue reading

The best thing to do if you’re as bad at stuff as this dog is at catching a ball

  Look at this.       Look at it again.     Does it seem familiar? Things start off so well – full of promise. You spring off the ground with all… Continue reading

The best thing about being a teacher

WARNING – GUEST BLOG APPROACHING Our wise and talented guest blogger, Sophie, shares some of the delights of her day job. Turns out teaching can be pretty entertaining.     So as my… Continue reading

The best way to explain that you’ve made a mistake

So you’ve made an error. Maybe you got someone to work really hard on something that turned out to be worthless. Or maybe you poked someone in the eye when you meant to high five… Continue reading

The best way to deal with mistakes

I’ve made several mistakes in my life – including the triple-humped M. But I’m just going to tell you about one more. Back when I was at uni, I used to live by… Continue reading

The best world record attempt

  Some world records are weird – like most swords swallowed or longest underwater kiss. (though it’s a weird sort of kiss where they essentially breathe into each other.) Here’s a great roundup… Continue reading

The best handshake malfunctions

I love the handshake. And the high-five (or ‘hand-pat’). And the fist bump. They’re all brilliant social conventions which give us a great way to greet someone new, to seem polite or to show… Continue reading