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The best reason to not ride a cow

Whenever I see a situation like the above, it leads me to believe that in a time of dire need, I could definitely ride a cow. Like if some weird criminal held me… Continue reading

The best way to appear more manly

Put wolves on things. That’s the best way to appear manly. It’s not the most effective way nor is it the coolest way, but it is the best way. I saw that truck… Continue reading

The best place to sit on a train

Let’s all be honest about this: trains can be terrible things. I always end up sitting in British Third Class which happens when I’m not organised enough to book an advanced ticket with… Continue reading

The best alternative names for jetlag

So it’s currently 5.50am in New Zealand. That is approximately early o clock. I went to bed at 7.30pm so really I’ve experienced the sleeping patterns of a 2 year old. I guess… Continue reading

The best way to deal with airport security gloom

I’m a serial bleeper. Every time I go through those devious archways of death, I get bleeped. And we all know what follows that… a good old fashioned frisking. I imagine lonely people… Continue reading

The best animal transport

If the world was quite different and instead of buses and cars we had the option to turn into any animal so that we could get around easier, what would you pick? You… Continue reading

The best road to nowhere

I loved Crash Bandicoot as a kid and then as a teenager and then they stopped making it really. It was the best sort of game – one that required speed, skill and… Continue reading

The best way to be the master of all knowledge

Have you ever tried to eat paper? I have a friend who does it as a sort of nervous habit. Sometimes we catch him chomping down on the Styrofoam takeaway box – long… Continue reading

The best car to buy

What a glorious double post Friday it is today. Even Steve’s ramblings about trains couldn’t ruin it… And the question I’m asking right now is ‘what is the best car to buy?’ Fortunately… Continue reading