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Steve’s best girlfriend

In the early days of this¬†blog, we used to include our names in the titles. So if I liked a certain artichoke and wanted to blog about it, I would title the post… Continue reading

The 3 best reasons to not look at anyone ever

As a married person, I’m a little out of touch with the dating world. I like it that way. But here at Best Things we offer a service – we find you best… Continue reading

The best cured partner… I mean the best qualities in a meat

***Warning – Guest blog approaching*** Our favourite guest blogger (we haven’t had many…) Hazel, explains why she’s on the hunt for a greasy, chubby Spanish man.¬† Sometimes, if you have spent a lot… Continue reading

The best way to get people to understand you

Feelings are complicated things. People ask “How are you?” and most of the time they expect an answer in less than a sentence-worth of dialogue. But you might be feeling a whole manner… Continue reading

The 5 best ways to rescue this Valentine’s day

Something had gone terribly wrong. Like maybe you got creative and tried to invent the hand sandwich and ending up biting your finger off. Or perhaps you got your girlfriend a pet rat… Continue reading

Jon’s best way to impress a woman

If there were ever two people in the history of the world that knew how to truly make women swoon, it would be Lord Byron and Kanye. That’s obvious. You were all thinking… Continue reading