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The best thing about the rain

It’s a rain themed double-post Friday today. Steve was spot on with his rain enjoyment theory – the dancing man was ever so happy. But you might be left wondering, what is the… Continue reading

The best passive aggressive stone

Normally rocks are pretty basic – they don’t have many complexities. If they were going to be aggressive, they would be straight up with you. They wouldn’t roll their eyes and make sarcastic… Continue reading

The best way to tell if it’s officially ‘nice’ outside

We love good weather in Britain. It only comes once in a blue moon so, when it’s here, we’ve got to make the most of it. But sometimes it’s hard to tell if… Continue reading

The best ways to predict the weather without a smart phone

Do you ever feel like your phone is beating you at life? Not only does mine tell me when to get up, when to go to the dentist and which route I should… Continue reading

The best thing about British weather

British weather is a fickle business, it likes to chop and change and keep us on our toes. Currently we’re going through an amazing mid-March patch with temperatures reaching around 19 degrees. Shorts… Continue reading

The best way to stop all this flooding

In the UK all the news is about the weather. If we’re being more specific, it’s about the rain. And if we delve into even deeper realms of specificity – it’s about the… Continue reading

The best thing about the South coast mentality

A quick realisation once you descend further than Watford Gap is that many hold the belief ┬áthat it is “grim up North”. No matter how many weather reports people see with only a… Continue reading