best things

Jon (left) and Steve (right) are two people that specialise in reviewing things that they like. In fact, they know very little about things they don’t like. You won’t find any negative reviews on this site, just recommendations. It’s a list of the best possible things.

About Steve (written by Jon)

Steve is one of those people that asks you questions in the supermarket and he gets paid to do it. Market Research is his current game so he knows something about some things. He is renowned for working with a sample size of five. Steve likes music, Canada and reduced-price wine. And, since you’ve all been asking, Steve is currently single…

About Jon (written by Steve)

Jon recently wrote an informative description for the side of an easter egg box, this was then picked up and used on a national campaign. The rest of the time Jon drives a lot, refusing to use public transport. Jon specialises in growing hair in unlikely places.

We hope you enjoy the best things in the world.