The best evidence against FIFA’s Sepp Blatter – from his own movie

FIFA are the guys that run the world cup – they are like an international governing body for football. It was sort of surprising then when yesterday a bunch of their high level… Continue reading

The best website to vote for this election

When deciding who to vote for this Thursday, you could choose the party whose policies best tickle your principles. You could vote for the party leader that you find most inspirational. Or you… Continue reading

The best type of chicken to be, or to see, or to just know that it exists

If you ever have to be a chicken, which could happen one day, and you are given the choice of chicken breed then you should most definitely pick the Silkie Chicken. Here’s another… Continue reading

The best thing Wales could make when asked to bake a cake

At 1cm thick, the Welsh cake is not really living up to true cake proportions. It also tastes like a scone… A squished scone. But be careful before you mock, because actually it… Continue reading

The best way to while away the time on April fool’s day

We know this is obvious, but it’s always the worst when you miss something obvious. Everyone else has a great time but you just miss it because your head is in a book… Continue reading

The best way to moustache

Just this. To be honest this is a little creepy, but the man looks so happy about it that he wins me over. The best way to moustache is with a big fat… Continue reading

The best way to understand the conceptual brilliance of Kanye’s dancing

Watch the first 25 seconds of that video and you’ll understand some of the hype around Kanye. His dancing transcends genre. When you think he’s pulling some mad hip hop moves, he’s also… Continue reading

The best Match of the Day montage

Last week I turned on the TV and the FA cup match between Arsenal and Manchester United was on. I started watching it and, prior to the match, MOTD had created a montage… Continue reading

The best alternative reason to not vote UKIP

The things I know about UKIP are not plentiful. In fact they could be written on a person’s finger… in quite small handwriting… but not so excessively small that you couldn’t read it.… Continue reading

The best way to make your staff feel more appreciated

Beer is about sitting back, relaxing, and taking a break from responsibilities – just for the length of one drink. Beer is the opposite of work. The two go together like peas and… Continue reading