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The best way to frustrate a studying Steve

When I study I like to read things which make a lot of sense. Unfortunately, sometimes things are written which don’t make a lot of sense. Perhaps this is because the writer is… Continue reading

The best Norwegian word

When Norwegians translate the English word ‘bump’ in certain phrases, they say ‘dump’ instead – that’s just what you do in Norway. It’s not quite a direct translation, that works for every kind… Continue reading

The best minor typo

I was browsing the BBC news app recently and I came across this headline: “Murray on bronk of world tour finals” I wasn’t really sure what to make of it. What does ‘on… Continue reading

The best new word

I learnt a new word yesterday: petrichor. I will give you a prize if you can guess what it means before you read the definition. It is the word to describe that inimitable smell of… Continue reading

The best mystery bird – what even is it?

  Let’s talk about turkeys. We name them after the country Turkey because that’s where we thought they were from for a while. Loads of languages name it after India – and Portugese… Continue reading

The best way to explain that you’ve made a mistake

So you’ve made an error. Maybe you got someone to work really hard on something that turned out to be worthless. Or maybe you poked someone in the eye when you meant to high five… Continue reading

The best new Google-thing I discovered

Google is the fount of most knowledge. Even for the obscure subjects you’re likely to find something. For instance, typing in “who would win in a fight between a chicken and a duck”… Continue reading

The best French word to experience

Some words are fun to say like plump or flange. Others are better appreciated in written form like pteradactyl and deified (you really shouldn’t read past this point until you know why deified is a good in… Continue reading