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The Best Thing about the Ladies Toilets

GUEST BLOG TIME – this one is from venerable guest blogger, Jack. Maybe I just think the grass is greener on the other side, but there is something about the Ladies loos that… Continue reading

The best thing I can say about Les Miserables

Guest blog! You know the drill. Here’s guest contributor, Jack, weighing in with some very special film insights.   I should be the ideal reviewer of Les Mis. I love literature, I used… Continue reading

The best icebreaker

***Sound the Blog Horn – guest post emerging! *** Guest blogger, Jack, is new to writing for Best Things but his debut is a stunner. Enjoy… Earlier this week Jon ran a welcome lunch for… Continue reading

The best thing about living alone

In the bleak desert that is this short break from Best Things, a guest blog approaches from frequent guest blogger, Hazel… I’ll admit, it sounds like the start of a potential tragic best… Continue reading

The best thing about being a teacher

WARNING – GUEST BLOG APPROACHING Our wise and talented guest blogger, Sophie, shares some of the delights of her day job. Turns out teaching can be pretty entertaining.     So as my… Continue reading

The best cured partner… I mean the best qualities in a meat

***Warning – Guest blog approaching*** Our favourite guest blogger (we haven’t had many…) Hazel, explains why she’s on the hunt for a greasy, chubby Spanish man.  Sometimes, if you have spent a lot… Continue reading