The best answer to ‘Turn down for what?’

All you need right now is this version of Turn Down For What. It’s brilliant. We’re all waiting, it’s building, it’s building, oh my goodness I’m so excited, TURN DOWN FOR what? Awwwwww.… Continue reading

The best reason to not ride a cow

Whenever I see a situation like the above, it leads me to believe that in a time of dire need, I could definitely ride a cow. Like if some weird criminal held me… Continue reading

The best thing to do with signs

Signs are there to be useful. They help us get from A to B and us know we’re in the right place. They give guidance when needed. However, they can become a bit too… Continue reading

The best wildlife photo

I love this picture of a polar bear caught by the first light of the day. I like it because it looks like a painting, but it’s not. I like that at first… Continue reading

The best way to deal with unwanted toys

The title is only tenuously linked to this post, largely because what I want to show you is not a best thing at all. It’s quite a sad thing. But, I find it really… Continue reading

The best slightly alternative self-esteem boost for men

Men are generally not very good at talking about feelings or emotions. It’s not a requirement of being a man to be like this but it’s pretty common all the same. Sometimes, for… Continue reading

The best thing to do in Amsterdam

Over Christmas I went on a family holiday to Amsterdam with its canals, history and lots of legal things. There are many activities you can do in Amsterdam, but one which you can… Continue reading

The best way to feel really quite fat

Look I know it’s the new year and you probably don’t want to feel bad about yourself right now. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve got a really effective way to make… Continue reading

The best of BBC’s Sound of 2015 list

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a holiday full of joy and fun. As is customary for the New Year, the BBC has compiled their Sound of 2015 list and it’s… Continue reading

New year, new look

Hey… Happy New Year everyone. We thought we’d try out this new blog design to complement the newness of the year – it’s a free template and we think it’s at least a… Continue reading