Jon’s best ugly dog picture

Since there are two best things today, I’ll keep it simple. This is Penny. She is a pure bred pug and that should teach you something about the dangers of inbreeding. Penny entered… Continue reading

Steve’s best thing which is kind of like a doughnut but not

Introducing one of the best – no THE best (to be fair that is the point of this blog) – thing which is kind of like a doughnut but not…the Quarkini! This ball… Continue reading

Jon’s best new word

And there it is in all it’s glory – Pumpazing. Today, you’re really getting two bests in one post: a fantastic new word and a fantastic game to play if you’re a specific… Continue reading

Steve’s Best First Album

                          Hi everyone, thanks for checking out the first post ever on this blog – I certainly hope you are encouraged… Continue reading