Jon’s best reason to not work on a friday

While some people, like Steve, have been on holiday looking at quite wonderful chickens, others have had to stay at home and work as normal – enjoying the sun as a spectator not… Continue reading

Steve’s 3 best things about the animals of Belgrade

Hi all, I’m back from holiday and I went to Belgrade amongst other places. Because I currently don’t have a more effective outlet for boring people about my holiday I’ll have to do… Continue reading

Jon’s best video that rings truth bells

  Short and sweet today. I’ve been married almost a year now and this video is at least a bit familiar – it’s exactly how me and my wife fail to communicate sometimes.… Continue reading

Steve’s Best thing about the weekend

Wow! So this weekend has been wicked! A whole load of things came together in a smorgasbord of amazingness, it was off the hook (in my head I sound way cooler). To start… Continue reading

Jon’s best way to sell Pumpernickel

Yes ladies and gentlemen, a picture says it all. If you buy pumpernickel, you will be happy, attractive and successful in love. Why? Because its pumpernickel of course, statistically the most romantic food.… Continue reading

Steve’s best trending topics

Today I looked at the Metro website, fully hoping to see if they had a list of their page 3 columns (widely different from the Sun’s), when I stumbled across this fantastic list… Continue reading

Jon’s best animal vs human fight

There’s an article kicking around the guardian that tells the story of a man who fought a bear. You can read the whole story here, and that’s really where my best thing ends.… Continue reading

Steve’s best way to get on TV

Every year countries have great sporting events which get many involved and excited. Currently it is the Wimbledon championships which has gripped the nation (me), particularly because it’s a little bit crazy this… Continue reading

Jon’s best business card

When this dropped into my life at quarter past two yesterday afternoon it was a bigger moment than I first thought. It was a first encounter because what looked to me like an… Continue reading

Steve’s best name for a business in his city

Choosing a store’s name, a serious and important decision. Too brash and you’ll turn people away. Too nondescript and no-one will come to your store, let alone know that it exists. It is… Continue reading