Jon’s best taste to blow your mind

When a company like trees can’t dance goes out of business (which it now has), their old stock hangs around in shops like expensive little ghosts. But never have these ghosts been more… Continue reading

Steve’s 10 best things about having dual citizenship

Hi I’m Stephen and I was born in Canada. This is how I normally begin conversations with people I don’t know, just to get it out in the open. Some might say I’m… Continue reading

Jon’s best real-life superhero team

Every so often things are just so good that you don’t believe them for a while. Like good exam results – or pumpernickel. The Rain City Superhero Movement in Seattle is one of… Continue reading

Steve’s 5 best font personalities

Fonts are so important in our modern society, probably more so than you’ve ever considered. They affect how we perceive a brand and they boost recognition of companies significantly, you can write anything… Continue reading

Jon’s best way to impress a woman

If there were ever two people in the history of the world that knew how to truly make women swoon, it would be Lord Byron and Kanye. That’s obvious. You were all thinking… Continue reading

Steve’s best form of “cyber attack”

When I first read this headline on the BBC website, it didn’t worry me in the slightest – myself not being in possession of a luxury toilet, I felt like it wouldn’t affect… Continue reading

Jon’s best gadget gift

It’s dangerous to ask for a gadget as a present. You’ll be hoping for something useful, innovative and a bit of fun but you might end up with Dave the funky shoulder monkey.… Continue reading

Steve’s best way to look young below your years

Many people throughout their life will fervently try, some in vain, to cut the look of age. The sector for anti-ageing products is huge and there are now a variety of weird and… Continue reading

Jon’s best way to be smarter, but not look smarter – Writing

Sometimes people say things like ‘Use this word because it will make you sound really smart.’ but what they mean is ‘Use this word because it will make you sound like you know… Continue reading

Steve’s best picture of a man that looks like a thumb

I was recently reminded of this amazing photo of the man that looks like a thumb! I think the absolute beauty of this photo lies in the fact that he actually looks like… Continue reading