Steve’s 7 best ways to belittle a whiner

Every now and then we all love a good moan: “it’s raining outside, I’m cold, why doesn’t anyone like me?” But we all know those people who take moaning to an extreme and… Continue reading

Jon’s best author (for non-written reasons)

I like people with funny names. And Sidebottom is a fantastic surname – the glorious cousin of side-boob. I can just imagine George Clooney signing up for side-bottom but not full bottom. He… Continue reading

Steve’s best way to have a stressful meal in Paris

Welcome to Le Refuge des Fondus – the most ridiculous restaurant you will go to in a long time. On a recent trip to Paris my friends and I made our way to… Continue reading

Jon’s best sequel to Forrest Gump

  This is so good. It’s so good it blew up my mind and took the earth with it. It froze oceans, it levelled mountains – despite all that it fixed global warming. It’s… Continue reading

Steve’s best dance

Throughout history there have been many dances, some comical and some serious, spanning generations and bringing people together in a medium many other people don’t understand. Some feel the rhythm whilst some struggle… Continue reading

Jon’s best reaction to Miley Cyrus

Ever since twerking got welcomed in to the oxford dictionary I’ve started to think that I need a formal reaction to Miley Cyrus. I need a stance on the issue, because it has somehow become… Continue reading

Steve’s best Russian news story

Russia seems like an odd place. I’ve never been there but I’ve heard, from people that have, that it is slightly odd. I suppose, to some extent, that is true for all countries… Continue reading

Jon’s best place to put your emotions online

If you have emotions, which a lot of us do, you occasionally want to put them somewhere. Often you might give them to a friend or leave them in a journal. But problems… Continue reading

Steve’s best “two first names” experience

Recently, one of my good friends from home (big-up the York massive) got engaged to a nice man. Obviously I was very happy for them (especially because this friend wants about 50 babies)… Continue reading

Jon’s 15 best ways to make your woman love you

Some people think that dogs and cats are the male and female of the same species. Although these people aren’t even nearly correct, it got me thinking that the way to a woman’s… Continue reading