The best way to pretend you watched the Superbowl

The Superbowl isn’t that big in the UK. Not many people follow American football here and it doesn’t start until 11:30pm meaning that it doesn’t finish until gone 3am, so those people with jobs… Continue reading

The best reason to store your raspberry jam and your cranberry sauce in separate places

I’ll be honest with you – sometimes I can be a bit of an idiot. I’ve already told you about the time I accidentally flung my shoe over a row of trees and… Continue reading

The best petition you could sign for a very long time

There are many injustices in this world which we like to respond to by creating and signing petitions. Have you ever half-heartedly put your name down whilst not really paying attention to what it… Continue reading

The best way to embarrass your company

I was looking through a bunch of job adverts online the other day. I wasn’t expecting much and I was right – I didn’t find any jobs worth even considering. But I did… Continue reading

The best drink aptronym

It’s true, most drink names are quite clearly aptronyms. For instance, water is actually water, orange juice is definitely the juice of an orange and a Moscow Mule is the sweat of a… Continue reading

The best way to cut a cherry tomato

If you don’t have any tomato-cutting rules, you are probably making sad salad. I used to make sad salad too. But at Christmas, my brother taught me a tomato-cutting rule that gives you… Continue reading

The best things about not living alone

*BAM! Guest Blog! Hazel’s done it again! So could you* A while ago I extolled the virtues of a solo living arrangement. However, I must confess, living alone does have its drawbacks from… Continue reading

The best blog photography you could ever hope to see

I got a new phone and the best thing about getting a new phone is the gimmicks. It’s what keeps it new – before it turns into the regular internet, texting and calling… Continue reading

The best street in Amsterdam

Sometimes when I need inspiration for a blog, I look through my old photos to see if anything strikes me. More often than not there’s nothing there, I don’t really take pictures much.… Continue reading

The best Kevin you’ll hear about today.

I like this guy Kevin a lot and I think if you watch the video below, you’ll probably like him too. He’s a Highway Patrol Sergeant in California and he spends a lot… Continue reading