The best thing to do if you find a Christmas tree on the beach

I found this old Christmas tree on the beach just last weekend. It looked sad and out of context. So I fixed it. I saved Christmas. It was the best thing to do… Continue reading

The best way to remind yourself that summer will eventually come

Before I start the blog post today, here’s what happens when you type “British Summer” into Google and look at the top 15 image results: Of these 15 pictures: Under half are positive… Continue reading

The best way to frustrate a studying Steve

When I study I like to read things which make a lot of sense. Unfortunately, sometimes things are written which don’t make a lot of sense. Perhaps this is because the writer is… Continue reading

The best I-told-you-so moment I’ve had in a while

Last year I told you that 50 Shades of Grey was going to be a bad movie. I gave you a whole bunch of other movies to look forward to instead. I think… Continue reading

The best way to feel like an irresponsible adult

This past week I went to Austria on holiday to fall down. Granted there was a bit of skiing in between but ‘stacking it’ was my primary mode of transport.   Throughout the… Continue reading

We’re away collecting best things

Which is code for holiday… so that’s why there aren’t any blog posts this week. We will search for best things with all the ambition and naivety of this tortoise. But hopefully we’ll… Continue reading

The best house to buy in Newcastle if you have a spare 4 million…

Seriously… just buy it already. I would if you shouted me 99.5% of the price That pool though… I would get so good at swimming – like Olympic standard. Happy double post… Continue reading

The best supplies for a holiday

Next¬†week I plan to go skiing in Austria and I’m mega excited. It’s my first time skiing and everyone I know has told me how much fun it is so my hopes are… Continue reading

The best thing about the worst dried berry

I love the idea of graze boxes because normally¬†it would be really weird to mail people small portions of snacks but somehow these guys have made a business out of it. My wife… Continue reading

Laziness is contagious

You might have noticed that yesterday I (Jon) did not post up a blog. I had the sort of day where you are so busy that actually you don’t get a single thing… Continue reading