The best idea for best idea sharing

Reading is great. Although sometimes, reading is a bit boring. Watching stuff can be better. Which is why Jon and I want to bring you theĀ first blog video full of our faces. But… Continue reading

The best time to give more context

Context is everything. Going on a date, for instance, can be an extremely good thing or an extremely bad thing depending on who that date is with and where you end up going.… Continue reading

The best city photography project

There’s a man in New York. He takes photographs. But he doesn’t take photographs of the many buildings, monuments or scenery in New York, he focuses on what really matters, the people. Brandon… Continue reading

The best place to put an office

I drive past this office everyday and I think about how cool it would be to work under a train bridge. I love how it’s essentially made out of an archway. I love… Continue reading

The best news media trick

Have you ever noticed that there are few things you actively care about on a minute by minute basis? Often my brain does a quick check to see if I’m comfortable: am I… Continue reading

The best thing to do when you feel like this octopus…

Do you ever feel a bit like this octopus? Collapsed on your chair, mindlessly flapping away? I love this GIF because sometimes that is exactly what work is like, for me at least.… Continue reading

The best way innocent smoothies bring winter cheer

You must have tried Innocent smoothies by now. They were all the hipster rage a few years ago and are now a behemoth in the blended fruit market. Their success is understandable as… Continue reading

The Best Thing about the Ladies Toilets

GUEST BLOG TIME – this one is from venerable guest blogger, Jack. Maybe I just think the grass is greener on the other side, but there is something about the Ladies loos that… Continue reading

The best show to watch to remind you that life is good

Sometimes life is pretty bad. Like maybe you saw a dead duck and that made you sad. Or maybe you didn’t see a dead duck but your life feels like the metaphorical equivalent… Continue reading

The best chocolate there is

There will be no arguments on this one. I’ve found the best. If you disagree I have to tell you that you are wrong. The best chocolates…Guylian seashells. Oh my DAYS these things… Continue reading