The best way to make your staff feel more appreciated

desk beers

Beer is about sitting back, relaxing, and taking a break from responsibilities – just for the length of one drink. Beer is the opposite of work. The two go together like peas and cucumber.

Or at least that’s what I used to think… until I learnt about desk beers.

The simple premise is that Friday at the office should be beer day. Not an excessive amount… just 330ml actually. But at the end of every week you try a new beer… and once you’ve tried them all you revisit your favourites.

Desk Beers will deliver craft beer to your office for cheaper than you’d buy it at a bar.

You can use it as team bonding, or to help your staff power through the last hour of an unwanted project… but really it’s just about bringing an element of non-work into your office. To make people fear the 9-5 a bit less.

I think the best way to make staff feel appreciated isn’t really about salary – 2% extra is great and sometimes necessary but you always want more.

It’s better to think creatively – to make work better for people so they begin to like it – at least a bit.

You want to give your employees something to tell their friends about – something that will make people feel a little bit jealous…

Your boss buys you beer every Friday? …my boss lent me a paper-clip once.

Of course it doesn’t have to be beer – maybe invest in a cool break room, or an interesting workspace, subscribe to a bunch of magazines that people can read at lunch or get a table tennis table. It doesn’t have to cost a whole lot.

It just has to feel like you’re investing in their happiness.

As for me though… I’ll take table tennis and beer, if any future line manager of mine is reading.

Or maybe one day, I’ll have a team of my own to buy beer for…

I should probably get really good at something first though.