The best idea for best idea sharing


These kids look so happy because they’re not reading…

Reading is great. Although sometimes, reading is a bit boring. Watching stuff can be better. Which is why Jon and I want to bring you the first blog video full of our faces.

But we need your help.

We’ve been bringing you all best things for a long time now and it can get a bit tough, we’ve nearly given you all of our recommendations and our wells of interesting facts are running dry.

Dry well

A metaphor of our trove of best things

So we need you to provide us with new best things, best things you think we may not have tried or may have overlooked. The things that make your day better. And with these best things we’re going to make videos of Jon and I trying them out and reviewing them.

Who knows, you may reveal something amazing to us which completely changes our lives or we may hate whatever it is. We’ll be sure to tell you.

So please send in any suggestions of best things. There’s no category or rule they have to fit into, you just have to be able to write “The best…” and we’ll make an effort to try it out. For instance, if there’s a food you love, tell us about it; an activity you can’t get enough of, send it our way; a film you go mental for, let us know. Basically anything!

You can get in touch with us by commenting on this post or any other of our posts, dropping us a note on Facebook, sending an email to, telling our faces or using some other form of communication.

We can’t do this if you don’t get in touch so please throw ideas our way.


Disclaimer: if your best thing is expensive, dangerous, stupid or we think you’re just messing with us then we probably won’t do it – happy to do a whole bunch of weird things though…