The best time to give more context

Context is everything. Going on a date, for instance, can be an extremely good thing or an extremely bad thing depending on who that date is with and where you end up going.

That’s why blind dates are so terrifying I guess – she could be a delight or she could be a hairy man in a dress – you don’t know until you get there.

I visited Ed’s Diner for the first time the other day and looking at the menu, I really needed some more context…


Why are your fries wet, Ed? What did you do to them? Did you wash them? Are they covered in a sauce? Is it actually some sort of chip soup?

Don’t just tell me they’re wet and think I know what you mean. I don’t.

Fortunately, there were many other options so I didn’t need to take a risk.

But it leads me to my main point, that wet is not enough – there are too many liquids in the world to just leave it at that.

Sorry about the handshake, my hands are wet.

It’s just not good enough. I need to know why – otherwise I might think the worst. Because although you almost certainly didn’t urinate on your hands – that won’t stop me considering it as a possibility.

Actually even if you did explain you’d just washed them, I would probably still suspect you.

Maybe just dry your hands, ok?

And if you’re wondering what Wet Fries actually are… I can’t help you. I couldn’t work it out. All I found was this confusing trip advisor review.


So the wet fries aren’t even wet? That’s too much to take in.