The best place to put an office

office space

I drive past this office everyday and I think about how cool it would be to work under a train bridge.

I love how it’s essentially made out of an archway. I love that you would hear the rumble of the trains passing over. I love that you would be like a troll in many ways.

It annoys me that so many offices look like this…

boring office

Neutral, standard, unremarkable – that’s how we like our office spaces

When we could do cool stuff like the office under a bridge that I pass everyday.

office 2

The future Best Things HQ… right?

There are so many examples of excellent offices (here are some of them).

So why do we settle for beige concrete blocks all the time?

All you really need in most offices are a desk and a computer – so that means you can put them anywhere really and do anything you like to the rest of the room.

If anyone ever lets me choose an office building, things are going to get weird for sure.

I’ll pick a cow shed or a bus shelter or a roof top gazebo, or an underwater office.

…Maybe it’s best that I don’t choose actually.