The best thing to do when you feel like this octopus…

working life octopus

Do you ever feel a bit like this octopus? Collapsed on your chair, mindlessly flapping away?

I love this GIF because sometimes that is exactly what work is like, for me at least. I get octopus feelings whenever a spreadsheet is involved… or if I have to do something that a machine could do if we just took the time to programme it.

So what do you do when you get like this? How do you escape the pit of despair?

Well sometimes I put on some music or a podcast and power through the boring stuff. Sometimes I just wait it out… hope it goes away.

But none of these things are the best thing to do.

The best thing is summed up by this piece of advise…

Become your other octopus.

Now you might be thinking that sounds like weird advice… But you don’t know what your other octopus is yet.

He looks like this…

octopus other

This octopus can open a jar, man. Think about that for a second…

You can’t hold this guy down. Put him in a cage and he’ll just open it from the inside.

That’s the true inspirational story we all need. This octopus should be a motivational speaker. His book would be called ‘Captive no longer’ and his talks would sell out.

So when you feel like octopus 1, the best solution is to become octopus 2.