The best way innocent smoothies bring winter cheer

You must have tried Innocent smoothies by now. They were all the hipster rage a few years ago and are now a behemoth in the blended fruit market.

Their success is understandable as they do produce great drinks but also because they do nice things. Their labels are friendly and written in a nice way but the most important thing they do is to include wooly hats.

Confused? How can juice include wooly hats? Do they blend them into a pulp and you get lovely stringy bits in your banana smoothie? 

Nope, it’s just a tiny tiny knitted beanie atop your drink. And they mega spread winter cheer:

When the days are cold and the wind is blowing, it’s nice to look at your smoothie and think: “I bet you’re warm at least”

Innocent also pledge money to charity for each drink you buy which has the little hats on. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Go get your mini-hat quick as summer is fast approaching and you’ll have to wait a few months otherwise…