The best show to watch to remind you that life is good

George Clark

Do you know this man? If not… you need to.

Sometimes life is pretty bad. Like maybe you saw a dead duck and that made you sad. Or maybe you didn’t see a dead duck but your life feels like the metaphorical equivalent of one – so really it’s all the same.

When I was growing up we had two ducks that made a nest in our front garden. They were there for like a month and then a fox crashed the party and ate all the eggs and probably at least one of the ducks

I wrote a song about it actually… It had a baseline that sounded like a duck waddling – if you can imagine that.

But before my point gets absolutely lost, let’s just all agree that sometimes life isn’t all that great.

And at these times, you probably don’t want to be watching Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones or some Swedish show about people killing other people… you want something lighter.

Enter George Clarke’s Amazing spaces… a show where George Clarke watches people take on small, brilliant and usually insane building projects.

Like this…

UFO house

Or this…


And even stuff like this…


It’s a great show. The best part is how enthusiastic George and his much more competent friend Will are about building cool stuff.

In the last episode I watched, George was all like

“Hey Will, I think you should make me a toilet seat out of barbed wire.”

And Will thought it was weird but then he made it work – because Will is incredible.

This show is easy going – there are no real twists or hard hitting moments – but it reminds you of how humans can do cool things if they try hard enough and take some risks.

And when life seems rubbish, that’s a good thing to be reminded of.

It makes me want to start my own project actually.

So how do you watch it?

Well if you’re UK based get on 4OD – there are 3 series waiting for you.

If you’re elsewhere, have a search around or just settle for this youtube video of George Clarke talking about basements…