The best chocolate there is

There will be no arguments on this one. I’ve found the best. If you disagree I have to tell you that you are wrong.

The best chocolates…Guylian seashells.


Given how unimpressive this photo is, you’d be surprised at how long it took me to take it…

Oh my DAYS these things are amazing!

If you are unfamiliar with Guylian’s goodness then they are seashell shaped chocolates full of praline. The praline is what makes them great in my opinion. They’re creamy, tasty, not too rich or heavy, different from a plain chocolate but still simple, just right.

You might feel strongly about some fancy pants cham-lame truffles you had once which cost you a bomb, but I really don’t see how you can top a Guylian. If you believe that you’ve found a chocolate better than Guylian seashells then just send them my way and I’ll happily test out your theory.

One more important to thing to say about boxes of chocolates before I return to gobbling the rest of my Guylian – you’ve got to eat with symmetry.

Not sure what I mean, take a look at this box of chocolates:


I’ve carefully carved out a rectangle in the middle, making sure the box always stays symmetrical. There’s nothing more ugly than a higgledy piggledy box of chocolates. It takes all the fun out of eating them.

It means that if you offer a friend one, it’s important for you to also take one to restore balance. A win-win situation really.