The best way to remind yourself that summer will eventually come

Before I start the blog post today, here’s what happens when you type “British Summer” into Google and look at the top 15 image results:

british summer

Of these 15 pictures:

Under half are positive images (7)

Nearly a third of pictures show an umbrella (4)

2 are joke pictures about how bad the British summer is

2 images would give tourists an incorrect impression of how many Britons actually use deck chairs

I feel like Google has digitised the essence of British sarcasm and placed it in it’s image search


Some of you won’t like the way I’m going to suggest. Some of you will probably think it’s weird bordering on the disgusting. But it’s helped me.

When I went skiing (I don’t know if I mentioned the fact that I went skiing…oh wait…yeah I did) I wore suncream to avoid all those deadly UV rays getting to my lovely smooth skin. As a result, every time I put on my tubular buff I wore whilst skiing, I wiped a tiny bit of suncream onto it.

Now, when I put on my buff to go somewhere in the cold, I get a whiff of that smell of suncream. And suncream can only mean one thing (or two in the case of skiing), that summer is here!


This suncream is described as “Sunshine Armour”. Honestly the best description of suncream I’ve ever heard.


Obviously I know that summer isn’t here, but it reminds me of hours spent outdoors, lounging in parks, playing tennis, sitting in beer gardens, soaking up the summer sun. It’s brilliant.

I find my nose can be sensitive and remind me of particular moments of my past. I like smelling things which remind me of other things. And summer has plenty of its own, brilliant smells.

So when it’s raining outside and it’s only 10 degrees, remind yourself that summer is coming by taking a good long smell of your suncream. It’ll get here guys, we just have to be patient.