The best I-told-you-so moment I’ve had in a while

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Last year I told you that 50 Shades of Grey was going to be a bad movie. I gave you a whole bunch of other movies to look forward to instead.

I think you all agreed actually.

This little chart taken from Rotten Tomatoes seems to prove me right…

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The percentages you’re looking at here relate to the proportion of critics that thought the movie was good.

But actually I like to ignore critics – I think they don’t represent me very well because they tend to view films more as a piece of art than a piece of entertainment.

Here are the percentages of the general public that say they liked it:

50 shades – 50% liked it
Shaun the Sheep – 86% liked it
Big Hero 6 – 92% liked it

Now considering that for all these movies (but particularly 50 shades), you’re only really going to go see it if you’re a fan anyway. If you see 50 Shades you probably love the book, Shaun the Sheep you probably love the TV show and Big Hero 6 you probably love Disney animation (like Frozen) or maybe you loved the trailer.

That means you’re looking for around 80% of the audience to like it to guarantee it to be a decent film – that’s a safe percentage.

If 70% liked it, you’ll probably still be ok – but anything less you need to really make sure you’re willing to pay the money for that ticket.

50 shades getting 50% from Audiences and 26% from critics makes me think that it’s a bad film. Though I’ll never watch it so I can’t know for sure.

But it is based on twilight fan fiction… I feel like people forget that.

There’s always an element of risk when taking a trip to the cinema. You could see something terrible or miss something great.

As yet I haven’t found a better way to minimise this risk than combining the rotten tomatoes audience score with a decent knowledge of what type of films I normally like.

Anyway, I really want to see Big Hero 6. I love the trailer, I quite like animated movies and it has killed on Rotten Tomatoes. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t seen it yet.

Also, if you’re wondering why critics loved Shaun the Sheep so much (100% liked it!), it’s because there is no talking in it which pretty much adds an extra 20% guaranteed to a critics opinion – they’re fickle like that.

I bet it’s still pretty good though.