The best supplies for a holiday

Next week I plan to go skiing in Austria and I’m mega excited. It’s my first time skiing and everyone I know has told me how much fun it is so my hopes are high. I’ve managed to round up most of the equipment I need which I won’t be able to rent: goggles, good gloves and (g)snow trousers. I’m ready to go.

I’m going with a few experienced skiers so, naturally, it’s always useful to listen to their advice about the day, what clothes to wear and what supplies to bring. Which is why, when one of my friends told me to bring lots of chocolate, I had to listen to her…


Although I went more for biscuits.

My bag has never been so full of biscuits and sweets before. What’s more, I’m not buying all this food for a party, I’m buying them in the full knowledge that I will likely consume all of it.


It may not make a whole lot of sense to buy all this stuff beforehand but the likelihood that the resort I’m staying in will sell Hobnobs seems decidedly small. It will also probably cost a bomb. So I’m going to import it all to the slopes of Soll.

I do really like sweets and biscuits so this fills me with a lot of joy.

I hope you all have a chocolate/biscuit/sweet filled week and I will catch you later, after I’ve fallen down 100 times, got snow in my trousers and crashed into multiple trees.