The best thing about the worst dried berry


I love the idea of graze boxes because normally it would be really weird to mail people small portions of snacks but somehow these guys have made a business out of it.

My wife got a free box to try the other day and she isn’t crazy about dried fruit so I got the joy of taking the super berry mix to work yesterday.

An important thing to realise about super fruits is that the adjective ‘super’ is not describing the taste – it’s all about the health benefits.

These berries will make you feel super healthy, but maybe you won’t have a super time eating them.

This has never been more true than with dried Goji berries.

I was quite excited because I was about to try a new thing… but on tasting I was left disappointed and confused.

They weren’t gross particularly but they had a weird savoury taste. It felt like they had no sugar in them at all – sort of like a cucumber berry but with a stronger flavour.

I guess in many ways, they tasted like cranberry sauce on toast.

But I don’t want to dwell on this bad thing – I want to tell you the best thing about them.

After some research into these weird berries, I found out that they have a myth attached to them.

Legend goes that a man called Li Ching-Yun ate Goji berries every single day and lived to either 197 or 256 depending on who you choose to believe.

Of course, there is no proof of this actually happening – but I like to think that he did it.

An extra long life seems a fitting reward for putting up with the questionable taste of Goji berries every single day.

He deserves his extra years I think.

As for me, I guess I will be dying sometime before I’m 197 because I just can’t handle the Goji.


You win this time, Berry. You can keep your elixir of youth.