The best reason to store your raspberry jam and your cranberry sauce in separate places


This is what regret looks like.

I’ll be honest with you – sometimes I can be a bit of an idiot.

I’ve already told you about the time I accidentally flung my shoe over a row of trees and into a canal.

But now I’ve added whole new levels to my stupidity.

A week or so ago, I accidentally spread cranberry sauce on my toast instead of raspberry jam. Then to make matters worse I repeated the same mistake a couple of days later.

I was trying to make PB & J toast but it all went really quite wrong… twice.

After the first mishap, I ran into Steve and told him the story. He told me off a bit – he felt like I’d missed an opportunity because I hadn’t tasted the cranberry toast I’d made. That’s a classic Best Things attitude right there.

So upon the second cranberry incident – which was again a genuine mistake – I seized the opportunity.

And let me tell you…

It was a really average experience. It didn’t taste super gross – but neither did it taste good in any way. It was slightly sharp, a bit fruity and not much of anything else. I actually only had one bite – that was plenty.

But still I enjoyed the newness of the experience. It felt like I was crossing borders, pioneering – even if the outcome wasn’t very exciting.

I guess that’s how it must feel to discover a new species of worm, or to visit Grimsby for the first time. Initial excitement, which quickly gets deflated and leaves you with nothing but a little story to tell.

Hey guys, remember that time when I ate cranberry toast?

That’s what I’ll be saying for years to come.

Oh and one more thing… I sure am glad I generally spread the jelly bit before the peanut butter. I’m not sure if that’s common practice* but it definitely saved me from wasting more food on this occasion.

*The jam is the slippier of the two spreads so it would sort of make sense to put that on top of the PB #science #interestingfacts