The best petition you could sign for a very long time

Water petition

Dihydrogen Monoxide. A killer if I ever saw one.

There are many injustices in this world which we like to respond to by creating and signing petitions. Have you ever half-heartedly put your name down whilst not really paying attention to what it is you’re actually protesting? I know I have. Let’s hope these people have too.

However, there is a petition I believe we can all get on board with, one that will prevent a real atrocity happening. The petition to save Dippy.

Who is Dippy you might ask? Dippy is the friendly Diplodocus that hangs out in the entrance hall to the Natural History Museum in London. She brings glamour and amazement to many a person entering the building and a touch of panache to an otherwise dull museum trip.


Her presence means you get to see a dinosaur skeleton without having to queue up amongst the throng of 10 year olds desperate to get a peek at a T-Rex. You can just wander into the Hintze Hall, have your mind absolutely blown, and then continue with the rest of your London day.

Unfortunately, that’s all going to change by 2017 because Dippy is just a copy. Dippy isn’t the real thing, she’s just a plaster cast. Therefore she must make way for real skeletons.

What will she be replaced with, something cool no doubt? No. A Blue Whale skeleton will be taking her place. A Blue Whale! C’mon!


Does this fill you with awe? Does it? Really?

As the Metro rightly points out several times: the Blue Whale is not even extinct.

This is sad news for us all and you should make every effort to show your love to Dippy before she leaves the Natural History Museum altogether. There have been suggestions of a national tour or a place for Dippy outside the museum but we all know that isn’t enough.

Sign the petition. Protest. Do what you can. Dippy is on her last legs.