The best way to embarrass your company


I was looking through a bunch of job adverts online the other day.

I wasn’t expecting much and I was right – I didn’t find any jobs worth even considering. But I did find something else.

A job advert written like no other job advert I had ever seen…

embarrassing job advert

Wow. I never expected a job summary to ask me how I was doing before telling me any information. Also what is that opening phrase? Is it supposed to be like Joey from Friends? Because he says hey… not hello. Or is it just a creepy attempt to be friendly.

The truth is the middle part of this advert isn’t so bad – it’s unappealing to me because I don’t have a little black book of contacts but it doesn’t make me feel too awkward.

But then they say this…

Let’s see what you’ve got. Boom.

And suddenly I’ve lost all respect for this place – I can never trust another word they say. It’s the most inappropriate use of boom I’ve ever seen. Exactly what is exploding… is it me if I show you what I’ve got?

It’s best for my stress levels to not think about it too much.

But undoubtedly… if you’re looking to embarrass your company the best way to do it is to start using the word boom in all external communications. Especially if nothing exciting is happening…

I’ve just emailed you the file you requested. Boom.

Thank you for getting in touch. Boom. Your complaint has been registered.

It gets that feeling of over familiarity across perfectly by using a sort of slang phrase that really no one even uses any more. You could also try starting all your emails with wasssuuuppp as well.

Really what I’m asking you to do is channel the spirit of these guys…

party button

And if you don’t know who they are, it is absolutely time you started watching Parks and Recreation.