The best way to cut a cherry tomato


If you don’t have any tomato-cutting rules, you are probably making sad salad.

I used to make sad salad too.

But at Christmas, my brother taught me a tomato-cutting rule that gives you a symmetrical and pleasing dissection every time.

Because we all know what a nightmare it is when you cut a tomato and you can’t see any of the seed – or maybe one half is seeds and the other is that weird translucent fleshy stuff.

It is a full on disaster. You can’t serve your guests that sort of filth…

But don’t worry, one simple rule will banish your salad shame and it goes like this…

At the top of every tomato, there is a natural groove. Instead of cutting along this line, cut at right angles to it.

It’s as simple as that. Your salads are perfect now – no more tears at dinner time caused by asymmetrical tomatoes.

This tip doesn’t even seem to be on the internet right now – so I don’t know where my brother learnt it.

That surprises me though, considering how many life-hacks exist, you would think this rule would be out there somewhere.

I guess maybe no one cares what the inside of their tomato looks like…