The best blog photography you could ever hope to see

Steve fruitbowl

This is Steve, in my fruitbowl

I got a new phone and the best thing about getting a new phone is the gimmicks. It’s what keeps it new – before it turns into the regular internet, texting and calling machine that it actually is.

My phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S5 (in case you care) has this excellent feature where you can take picture using both the front camera and the back camera at once.

The back camera appears in a number of possible shapes on top of the front image.

So Steve used that feature to make himself appear like a fruit.

And then I used it to do this…

jon steve

Jon-Steve Hybrid

Yeah, that is my face on Steve’s body – you wanted to see that, right?

So then Steve used it to create a vision of male beauty…

steve jon

Hello Ladies.

Now we can never complain that there are no photos of me and Steve together – because we have gone one step further than just taking a photo side by side.

And if this blog was a person, I guess it would look something like one of these mutants…

blog photo